viernes, 13 de noviembre de 2009

Restoring a leather saddle

They are ocasions in wich you really have to be as accurate as possible. Especially when it comes to restoration.
Sure they are many options for leather saddles, starting with the very well-known Brooks: , the Lepper: , the Cardiff: , the Person, and the very interesting Selle An-atomica:  . But I'm working in an Orbea fom the fifty's and I've been lucky enough to find the right saddle. The only problem was that the poor thing was all cracked and in bad shape but it was still possible to recover. So I, very carefully, removed the leather from the metal structure, washed gently with tepid water and a soft soap, and once dry, I've sanded it with a very fine sandpaper. I could have used liquid leather to refill the holes but they weren't that big so after that I've dyed it with Tarrago dyes:  and judge for yourselves!

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